Basic Code of Conduct

We are all here, living beings on the same planet. Different religions, societies, countries. Here are some suggestions to keep us working side by side instead of against each other.

1. Be legal.
2. Be considerate of others’ needs.
3. Stay reliable.

1. Do NOT cheat.
2. DO NOT lie.
3. Do NOT murder or take anything(claim ownership) that doesn’t belong to you without proper payment or barter, or negotiation.

Why rules, or ideals at all? Well here are some key points.
(With humor!)

Human race decided wearing clothes is a good thing.
Having a price on an item a grocery store helps you decide if you can afford it, or if the store is being honest of the value.
Deciding which side of the road to drive on, that a red light means stop…
Eating regularly, help keep you from being hungry. Gives you health and energy to do things.

You can be perverted, but does it help you and others live a better life?