No Evils

What is Evil?

Intentionally causing someone or something emotional or physical pain.

Crushing a beautiful rose.

Abusing an animal.

Yelling at your brother or sister.

Or something far worse.

No Evils


The f.a.q.s

What is No Evils, Inc.?
It’s a multinational non-profit initiative to promote another kind of “global warming”.  We want everyone we spend time with to be warm friends!  In the United States we are officially a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit company.  We are now able to accept donations that are tax deductible.

What is this web site?
It is the future home of No Evils, Inc.  Thanks for waiting for us.  We are busy behind the scenes preparing for a synchronized launch of our company and social media web sites.

Why do you need a web site?
Easiest way to reach our friends across the globe, or the other way around.  Two words: “No Evils”

What is “NO EVILS” to you?  Submit your written or video idea(s) here:  We are looking for content creators!

What’s with the eyeball-looking logo?
It’s actually a green Earth and her moon, in exact proportions based on an actual NASA illustration.  It also represents a person joining us inside a safe zone.  Okay, and it looks like an eyeball looking away, no evil eyes today!

Why was No Evils created?
This is a world with hurt we all live in.  There is a chance we can understand something so simple and live by it. No Evils.

What are donations for?
Just to help us spread the word.  Our beginning is this web site.  We have a social media web site like Facebook in mind too.

How can I help?
Send us an email at friends-at-noevils-dot-org to get on our email list, or visit our Contact Us page for the email sign up form.